The Crooners Blues/Bluegrass/Swing

Kevin Denton (guitar/vocals)
Thomas Bryan Eaton (mandolin/vocals)
Chris Merkley (guitar/harmonica/vocals)
Rob Adkins (upright bass/vocals)

The Crooners have made their mark on street corners and clubs in 14 different countries with their high-energy mix of acoustic rock 'n roll rooted in blues, country and swing music.  Originally formed by the late Nyles Reed Fitzgerald, Chris Merkley, Kevin Denton and Jenn Grauer at the end of 2001, the band got its start playing in the streets of Paris in early 2002 and have since busked their way through several studio albums, making appearances on VH1, MTV Europe and several independent films along the way.

In 2006, the band released 'So Many Places', an electric/acoustic studio album highlighting their unique roots rock sound.  The album received airplay throughout the U.S. and Europe and spread to homes all over the globe via an open guitar case and traffic-stopping street performances. 

In 2012, The Crooners released a live album featuring the band's interpretations of early Rolling Stones songs recorded at The NoMad Hotel's British Invasion party.  The group is currently based out of New York City, playing a limited number of annual club and festival dates.