Nate Marshall (guitar/harmonica/vocals/piano/banjo)


Nate Marshall is an Ithaca, NY based singer songwriter and multi-instrumentalist and member of the folk duo Nate & Kate.  As a solo performer, Nate carries on the folk music tradition of song and storytelling with a modern twist of humor and musicianship steeped in a number of genres including swing, blues, Americana and jazz.

In addition to solo performance, Nate is also a guitar instructor, staple of the childrens' music scene in central New York as well as an accomplished juggler, known as Nate the Great.  He has toured extensively throughout the U.S. in a variety of venues from theaters to cafes and farmer's markets to street corners.  In 2007, he released "Fame by Frame" with Nate & Kate and, in 2010, released his solo album "Throwaways Stowaways and Drifters".

Nate is currently performing shows in the central New York area in addition to regular tours throughout New England and the Northeast.