Jimmyjohn McCabe (guitar/vocals)


Jimmyjohn McCabe was on the road by the age of 15 playing rock clubs up and down the coast with his hard-hitting jam band called Yolk.  As a front man for the group, Jimmyjohn’s booming baritone voice was easily distinguished from any crowd with its rich vibrato and raspy cigarette and whiskey soaked edges.  Yolk released three albums together and toured relentlessly for six years, sharing bills with fellow jam bands moe., Moonboot Lover and the Ominous Seapods. 

Various lineup changes spelled the end of Yolk as a full-time entity and it eventually disbanded in the late 1990’s.  In the time since, Jimmyjohn has led several other bands including modern rock group F1, the raucous country stompers Whiskey Bones, and the melodic Americana rock duo of The Falconers, in addition to appearing for occasional reunion shows with Yolk.  In December of 2009, Jimmyjohn celebrated the release of his debut solo album, 'Stir', a heavy-hitting mix of rock, country and pop music.  Produced by Jeff DeBella at Mansion Audio in Binghamton, NY, the record featured a number of Old Boy artists and former Yolk members. 

Back on the road again, Jimmyjohn completed his 2016 tour "Around the West in 80 Days", the second half of a two-part journey through the lower 48 states.  Now armed with a van full of stickers from across the country, thousands of photographs, and countless napkins and notebooks documenting his travels, Jimmyjohn is now playing shows in the Northeast and preparing for the release of several new solo albums and his autobiographical novel about the long-winding journey through rock 'n roll, sobriety, and consciousness.